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Australian projects

Dragon and Knight Project

The contiguous Dragon & Knight Project comprises two (2) tenements (E29/1034 and E37/1336) is approximately 590km to the northeast of Perth, Western Australia’s capital city. Regionally the tenure (E29/1034 and E37/1336) is approximately 207km north of the town of Kalgoorlie and approximately 50km west-northwest of Leonora. The tenement is contiguous with the Knight tenement (E37/1336), also held by Clean Power Resources. The tenement is covered by the Leonora 1:250,000 map sheet and Wilbah 1:100,000 map sheet.

The Dragon and Knight tenure is located regionally within the centre of the Boorara Domain in the Kalgoorlie terrane within the Yilgarn Craton. Geological units within the tenure include the Yilgarn Craton Granites, the Archean Greenstone belt, mafic and ultramafic units. Sulphide targets for mineralisation within the tenure area include the significant regional Widgiemooltha Dykes which are prospective for Ni, Cu, Co, and Platinum Group Elements. Additionally, there is the potential for economic mineralisation to be associated with shear zones and lateritic mineralisation.

Weebo Gold Project

The Weebo Project comprises two (2) tenements (E37/1342 and E37/1353) covering a combined area of approximately 6.30km2 in the Mt Margaret and East Murchison Mineral Fields of Western Australia (“WA”).

The Weebo Project is located on the Leonora (ED3-2002 SH51-01) 1:250,000 Map Sheet and the Weebo (SH51-01-3141) 1:100,000 Map Sheet. The centre of the project area is located approximately 65km north-north-west of Leonora and 265km north of the town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Access to the project area from Kalgoorlie and Leonora is via the Goldfield Hwy.

The Weebo Project area overlies predominantly granitic terrane to the west of Archean greenstones. The landscape is typified by generally flat and gently undulating terrain cross-cut by ephemeral creek systems and large alluvial sheet wash cover areas.

Pacific Express Ni Project

Located in northern NSW comprises a single licence (EL8733) for ~ 108 km. The area is prospective for lateritic Ni-Co mineralisation. Historical exploration has defined several target areas which require further investigation.